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Bait Smoke FOG - NUTTY TWINS - 100ml

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It doesn't matter whether it's boilies, pop-ups, particles or whatever else you can think of! You can use our Fog for almost anything! In addition, the FOG cannot be overdosed!

Holds Perfect Everywhere
The FOG is designed to stick perfectly to almost all lures & PVA, making it perfect for casting and securely sticking to the bait right down to the bottom!

Perfectly matched
You will find a total of 14 exclusive and absolutely catchy FOG's in the range, so that you can adjust it perfectly for all your baits and always have the right one with you!

Made for every season
The FOG was developed in such a way that no matter what time of year you are in, you can always use it with maximum effectiveness!

Extremely Catchy With Pop Ups
Wet your pop ups with the FOG for about 3 - 5 days and let it soak into the pop ups really well. The next (big) carp will definitely not be long in coming!

Extreme attraction
The extremely seductive attraction that the FOG creates under water makes carp extremely curious and tempts them to bite extremely quickly!

The taste for your success!

  • peanut
  • tiger nut