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Heli Bead - 5 pcs.

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..The Carpify Heli Bead was specially developed for modern fishing with the popular helicopter rig. With this bead, the sinking depth of the lead in weed, clay or mud can be adjusted perfectly. This makes it possible to offer mounting on any conceivable surface.

In connection with a heli swivel and a stiff leader material it is also guaranteed that absolutely nothing can get tangled during the cast. Especially for anglers who have to cast at distances of more than 100 meters, our heli bead is the first choice when it comes to a 100% clean presentation on the bottom of the water!

In addition, in the event of a demolition, the lead release is completely safe! The fish loses the lead and leader within a very short time!

Contents per pack are 5 pieces . The color is brown.