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CARPSTRING - Carp Line - Low Stretch - Dark Brown - 1000 meters

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Advantages of the CarpString

? 100% removal of the ability to remember (memory effect) allows you to achieve maximum casting distances with the CarpString, since the friction between the cord and the rod rings is ZERO!

? extremely high knot strength!

? low stretch for optimal playing behavior and perfect contact between fish and angler!

? Extremely high abrasion resistance, which makes the CarpString perfect for fishing in difficult terrain!

? the transparent reddish coloring of the line allows you to easily locate the line above the water

? The CarpString has the same light refraction index as water, which makes it invisible to fish after just 1 meter of water depth! The result is significantly more bites!

Absolutely versatile?

? Are you looking for the perfect line for almost ALL uses?

? Then our CarpString is exactly what you need.

? The CarpString can be used on both rivers and lakes for carp fishing!

? In addition, it has an absolutely brilliant line lay on all reels, regardless of whether you use rather small reels, or free spool reels or really big big pit reels!

Catch your dream fish

With the CarpString you not only have an extremely stylish line, you also have a line that you can always rely on 100%!

Extremely high abrasion resistance make this line one of the safest connections between you and your first or next dream fish!