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Lead Clip + Pin - 5 pcs.

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Carpify has designed this lead clip + pin so that very heavy leads can be used reliably on the one hand, and on the other hand a clean and reliable lead release can be guaranteed.

Clear advantages:

  • Extra reinforced side arm, designed for lead weights up to 240 grams. Perfectly suitable for almost all situations. For example: short distances with light lead (approx. 30 - 50 meters away and lead weights between 60 - 80 grams), medium distances with heavier lead (approx. 50 - 90 meters away and lead weights up to 140 grams) and long to extremely long distances with heavy lead (over 100 meters and lead weights over 140 grams)
  • the specially designed shape favors a safe and reliable lead release so that the fish cannot become stuck in underwater obstacles (wood, stones, weed etc.).
  • fits perfectly on all our (Carpify) swivels in size 8.
  • Additional pin for securely fixing the swivel in the clip. Optionally, this pin can also be removed so that the clip cannot slip back during the bite and the carp cannot use the weight of the lead to shake loose.
  • Additional ripples at the rear end ensure that the tail rubber used (available separately) sits firmly in place and the lead is therefore not lost if this is not desired!
  • Contents: 5 clips + 5 pins - colour: brown