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Carpify LONG RANGE - 12 ft. 3.5 lb

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Each rod is hand built with lots of love!

The Carpify LONG RANGE carp rod is the perfect rod for everyone who wants or has to go far!

An absolute throwing miracle, with which distances of more than 120 meters are easily possible for experienced throwers!

The highly modular 30 ton IM7 nano carbon blank from Toray (Japan) leaves nothing to be desired and can stand up to even the largest and most powerful carp.

Advantages of the Carpify LONG RANGE carp rod at a glance

? Super slim, extremely stiff blank for great fighting experiences

? Minimum rod weight for maximum casting performance and ultimate fun with the fight!

? Simple, minimalist but extremely stylish design make this rod an absolute eye-catcher on every rod pod or bank stick!

Convince yourself today!

Our promise:

?? highest quality
?? tried and tested
?? fast delivery
?? 100% secure payment
?? 30 days money back guarantee

Quick Facts:

target fish carp
Blank 30T IM7. Nano carbon blank from Toray in Japan
length 3.60 meters - 12 ft.
test curve (TC) 3.50 lbs
Casting weight (WG) 100 - 110 grams
rod action top action
division 2 parts
ringing 50mm butt ring - 5 + 1 rings
Recommended line size 0.35mm - 0.45mm
role recommendation The reel seat is for all common carp reels

This is how our Carpify LONG RANGE carp rod is created

1. The Perfect Blank (30 Ton IM7. Nano Carbon Blank - Toray Japan)

In addition to choosing the right supplier/producer for our carp rods, the choice of the perfect blank was of course the top priority!

The basic building block for a noble, extremely high-quality carp rod should not be a standard blank, as is installed on conventional rods.

It had to be a top-class blank!

A blank that is extremely stable, durable and resilient.

In addition, he should have a perfect performance in the throw and in the drill!

It is therefore not difficult to use one of the highest quality and performance-driven blanks ever!

It is for this very reason that all of our premium carp rods are ultimately constructed from a high density 30 ton IM7. Nano carbon blank made by Toray in Japan !

2. The Perfect Rings (Minima TV TiCH - Pacbay)

Of course, no normal rod rings may be installed on such a rod.

Here, too, we have opted for the non plus ultra when it comes to rod rings!

The rings had to be extremely resilient and stable, but not increase the weight of the rod too much.

A perfect combination of rod action, casting characteristics and weight was at the top of the list here!

The choices included Seaguide rings, Fuji rings, Pacbay rings, Kigan 3D rings and a whole range of other high-quality rings.

In the end, however, we only had one choice if we wanted to get the maximum out of casting properties, rod weight and rod action!

For exactly this reason, the extremely high-quality, most stable and ultra-light Minima-TV TiCH guides from Pacbay are installed on all our rods!

These rings are 30% lighter than conventional rings and have a black stainless steel frame , which is made from one piece!

The frame is surrounded by the ring insert by 180°!

The ring insert consists of a hardened stainless steel ring with a titanium plasma coating (PVD).

This coating makes the rings extremely resistant to external influences!

3. The perfect reel seat (DPS 18 - Fuji/ Carpify)

How could it be otherwise, we didn't make any compromises with the reel seat either!

However, we wanted to create our own flair and something unique here!

We wanted a quality reel seat with our logo!

After a long back and forth with one of the best companies for high-quality reel seats, we managed to have them made with our logo!

So now all our rods have Fuji DPS 18 reel seats in a noble gunsmoke look decorated with our Carpify logo!

4. The Perfect Grips (Duplon or cork in AAA quality)

For the handles, we wanted a natural handle on the one hand and an elegant black handle on the other.

Thus, on the one hand, all our premium carp rods are optionally available with a cork handle of the highest AAA quality.

AAA describes the quality of cork and thus the high value of cork. A is therefore the standard variant, AA the slightly higher quality variant and AAA the premium and therefore also the most durable variant of cork, which is hardly or not at all used on rods because it is simply too expensive.

For the Duplon variant, we have decided on a very pleasant, relatively smooth Duplon, which feels extremely pleasant and soft to the touch!

In addition, elegant winding checks in anodized red were installed behind the reel seat and on the front of the handle to give every rod a very unique and exclusive touch!

5. The Perfect Graduation Cap

For the end cap, we opted for a light, black anodized end cap made of high-quality stainless steel.

Like our rod rings, this also has a titanium plasma coating (PVD), which makes it very resistant to external influences!

Of course, our Carpify logo can be found on the end cap in layers of white!

A really great sight when you look at the rods on the rod pod or banksticks from behind!

6. Exclusivity & uniqueness through serial numbering!

One thing that was a big, if not the biggest, concern for us and turned out to be harder than we thought, but which we believe shouldn't be missing on any premium carp rod is the serial number!

We want to offer you one of the most exclusive carp rods around and we are incredibly proud to be able to offer you each rod with its own unique serial number!

So you can be 100% sure that each rod is hand-built and absolutely unique!

The serial number is your guarantee that you really own the best of the best when it comes to carp rods and your rods are GUARANTEED to be second to none!

First rod series starts at S/N:001 - S/N:999

*Delivered in a high-quality neoprene bag!

IMPORTANT! The dispatch takes place as bulky goods! When returning the shipping costs are to be borne by the buyer!

If you have any questions about this rod, feel free to use our live chat on the bottom right. We are at your disposal for all your questions!