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Pastel Pop Ups - ORANGE - 50 gr.

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Pastel Pop Ups are subtle flashy baits designed to mimic washed out pop ups so as not to make carp overly suspicious, flavored with extremely effective flavors to ensure maximum carp attraction. The pastel pop ups can be offered as a single hook bait (just one pop up) or as a snowman presentation. Due to the high buoyancy they manage to lift every carp hook and hold it there for a very long time (pop-up assembly).

Use as a pop-up assembly:

15mm pop up = hook size 4 or 6

12mm pop up = hook size 6 or 8

Use as a snowman assembly:

15mm pop up + 20mm boilie = hook size 2 or 4

12mm pop up + 15mm boilie = hook size 4 or 6

Flavor: orange

Colour: pastel orange

Buoyancy: at least 24+ hours

Content: 50 gr.